10 Rules to Follow while Travelling Abroad

With a world that has such a varied culture, it doesn’t come as a surprise that travelling involves etiquette as well. There are no set rules and regulations when it comes to travelling (in some countries there are) but there are a lot of things that are unspoken and agreed upon universally. Travelling and exploring the globe is one of the best things you can expose yourself to. Not only is it one of the best ways to gauge a place’s culture and heritage but it also helps you grow as a person. Here are some must follow rules when travelling abroad:

Don’t Skip On Travel Insurance


This is SO important. Trust me, nothing is more important than having your travel insurance in place. A lot of people assume that it is not a necessity but what are you going to do when someone steals all your money while you are out having a great time in a foreign country? What happens when you have to visit a hospital in foreign land? Also some place don’t even give visas without travel insurance. This is where your travel insurance kicks in.

Don’t Just Rely On English


You come from a place of privilege if you assume that everyone is comfortable speaking in English. Contrary to popular belief, not every person is well-versed in the language. It is considered rude to not know at least a few basic phrases in the language of the place that you are visiting. Make sure you brush up on your “thank yous” and “sorrys” in the native language before you make your way there or have a translator app in your phone.

Don’t Disrespect People’s Culture


When in a new place, it is really important that you don’t disrespect the people there or disregard the place’s culture. This is not even argumentative because you are in someone’s home and you play by their rules while you are in their territory. So, please don’t make fun of people’s features and/or their traditions.

Don’t Order More Than You Can Eat


Of course, you want to eat and try out every possible thing that you can get your hands on at your destination. But that doesn’t mean that you get greedy and order more than you can eat. We all have a tendency of overcompensating and ordering a lot of food only for most of it to go to waste. Unless you are in a food eating competition, go easy on the ordering because wasting food is always frowned upon.

Don’t Over Haggle


I’d go as far as to say that it is one of our favorite pastimes and we could win a gold medal in it if we could. But as much as you love getting your value for money, we all know that most of the times we only do it to get that sense of triumph. Unfortunately, bargaining doesn’t work like that everywhere. So, don’t go around haggling unceremoniously and ruffling feathers.

Don’t Pack Too Much

over pack

Another thing that tends to be pushed to the sidelines is over packing. You don’t need an entire suitcase for a weekend trip and neither do you need to carry your entire wardrobe around with yourself when you are on vacation. Take it easy, pack light and most importantly, pack smart.

Don’t Steal


We really shouldn’t be saying this because stealing is never okay. And we are speaking in all kinds of situation. In light of the viral video where a family pretty much stole everything from a hotel room, we don’t want to be associated with that, do we? Do yourself a favour and be a decent human being and only grab the toiletries from your hotel room. Leave the hairdryer and towels right where they are.

Don’t Be Afraid To Try Out New Things


You are in an all-new place and it really wouldn’t hurt you try something that is local to the area. You have got to be adventurous and open to new things. Go ahead, give that friend grasshopper a try. You might hate it but at least you will get a fun story out of it!

Don’t Dress Inappropriately


Recently a woman was booked in the Philippines for wearing a bikini which was pretty much a string. A lot of countries have rules when it comes to how people dress and we highly suggest that you abide by them when you are in their zone.

Don’t Over Plan


Getting excited about an upcoming trip is normal. Planning for it is also normal. But going overboard with the planning and charting out what you are going to be doing for every second of the day is a bad idea. You are on vacation, it’s time to kick back and relax and not run on a tight schedule. Plus, spontaneity is key!